Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York
19 October 2019
"A Day inside Virtual Reality"— VR nonfiction films from Eastern Europe—presents 12 films from Belarus, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia. Five sessions, 30 min each. American premieres. Russia's mysterious Lake Baikal and Romania's River Delta with archaic countryside; shocking experience of the first human walking in space and Russia's wild natural landscapes; Serbian VR-animation and Ukrainian folk traditions; Belarusian fantasy that's better than fiction—and the Hermitage immersion into history...
– a special presentation "Hermitage. Immersion into History" produced by The State Hermitage Museum / ARTEKOM LTD Host: Mikhail Antykov, digital media director of "" Company, film director of "Hermitage. Immersion into History" (Russia)
– «It's a Mad, Mad, Mad... Virtual Reality». Roundtable
"Here and There"
Fiction, 12 min, Belarus, 2017
Director: Kirill Halitsky | Production: Feeling Films
The movie is about an author who lives among barricades of books and magazines. He is searching for the right story but should overcome the resistance of his characters and daily routine in the person of his importunate wife. The scene is laid in two worlds: the world of author and the world of his novel. And it seems that the door between them isn't closed.
"Hermitage. Immersion into History"
00:18 Russia, 2017
Director: Mikhail Antykov | Production: Artekom LLC, and for The State Hermitage Museum. A Virtual Reaity tour into the Imperial era of Royal St-Petersburg and the State Hermitage Museum conducted by famous actor Konstantin Khabensky. Together with the guide, the viewer can visit the museum's secret places, as well as participate in the most important events in its history.
"Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water"
7 min. 22 sec., documentary (360 3D), USA, Russia, 2016
Directors: Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov

Cinematic virtual reality will transport viewers to Lake Baikal in Siberia during winter 2016 and introduce them to the dramatic landscapes and the local customs and spiritual traditions of people who live around the oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth – 20% of all the liquid fresh water on our planet.
"Between Petrov and Vodkin"
3 min. 40 sec, animation, Russia, 2017
Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina

The first part of the immersive trilogy "Cultural revolution" focuses on the year of 1912. Through the history of one painting, the VR-movie tells about the highlights of that year, which have taken place on the cultural scene of the Russian Empire. Thanks to new technologies in cinema production, a viewer gets an opportunity to find himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and then to immerse into the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Bathing of a red horse".
"Elbrus VR"
10 min, documentary, Russia, 2017
Director: Maxim Nikonov
Production: LenVR

The first documentary film in the format of virtual reality about the ascent to Elbrus - the highest point of Europe. Every year hundreds of people come to Elbrus to climb to the top of this volcano. What causes them to endure fatigue and pain, lack of comfort and severe weather? Why, despite all the difficulties that travelers are waiting for at every step, do people still aspire to the summit, even if they stay there only a few minutes, after hours of a long, exhausting journey? To answer these questions the viewer must go all the way to the top together with the film group.

"Our North Pole"
7 min., documentary Russia, 2016
Director: Olesya Kustova
Become a part of this unique VR and FullDome Project and discover yourself at the North Pole. This is the first and only 360° film for VR glasses and planetariums that was made during an actual expedition to the North Pole. Join us and you will become a part of the extraordinary voyage aboard the most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world, 50 Years of Victory.
"Liza Alert: Ordinary Heroes"
Fiction, 6 min, Russia
Director: Andrey Kudryashev
This film is about everyday work of volunteers of the search and rescue squad "Liza Alert" https://
People who join the search and rescue squad have completely different fates, but one common challenge - to help the lost people no matter what. This VR 360 film, created by students of the Moscow Film School, will allow viewers to look at both sides of Liza Alert volunteers' lives.
Animation, 3 min, Serbia, Netherlands
Teodora Stojkovic, Sofija Stankovic
A 360° tour takes the viewer through animated landscapes, populated by symbols of the digital
era. Emojis, game-elements, animated animals and a whole bunch of bananas are matter-of-fact components of this particular universe. The artist duo TeYosh enables us to immerse ourselves in this bright and cheerful digital children's world, making it possible to experience how it feels to grow up as a digital native in an era where the physical offline world and the digital online one are both approached on an equal footing.
4 min., documentary, Ukraine, 2017 Directors: Alexey Furman, Sergey Polezhaka
"Zapovedia // Russia's wilderness"
Documentary, 10 min, Russia, 2018
Directors: Anton Zhdanov, Alexandra Zhmutskaya
There are pristine islets with mind-blowing living creatures all over Russia. And we have to keep their wonderful world intact.
"The spacewalker VR"
4 min. 22 sec., animation, Russia, 2017
Director: Alexander Gorokhov
Production: CGF Studio, Bazelevs

VR short film lets you experience the first human walking in space The film immerses audiences in the experience of Leonov and his fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev during their flight on the Voshod-2 on March 18-19, 1965
"The Wetland"
Romania, 2019, 16 min
Director Ioana Mischie | 360 Documentary Film
A cinematic VR world archiving the customs and the bitter-sweet archaic stories of the most remote villages of the Delta, who are trying to conserve the wilderness, humanness and profoundness of the wetland despite all odds.
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